4th of July and other stuff

Starting with the 4th of July, I did a whole lotta nothing and LOVED it.  I could’ve used the extra day to do some homework ahead of time but I haven’t had a day without school, homework or work for a long time so it was nice.  I actually went down to the Fireworks here in Poulsbo on the third and shot fireworks for my first time.  It was really cool and found that after the first couple shots, it wasn’t hard at all.  Next time I’ll have to play around with longer exposure times although I was still happy with a few of the shots.



A few weeks ago I went over to Seattle and wanted to get some new pictures of the space needle and night shots of Seattle and not thinking much about it, stumbled over the every square inch of Michael Jackson tributes that people scribbled on the walkway outside the Seattle Music Project.  It was just a couple days after he passed away and so it was very cool to see, although I wasn’t much a fan, things like that you don’t see every day.



Last, I just finished up a brochure and poster for typography.  The theme was Why Worms…set up for King county, kinda strange I know but I thought it turned out okay.  I’m looking forward to my next illustration project. I plan on creating mock-ups of a Cell Phone idea I’ve had and creat a poster for it.  Once that gets done I’ll make sure to post it.



One response to “4th of July and other stuff

  1. Where was that cement with the chalk at?! Looks like an awesome iphone opportunity shot!

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