If you use flickr…

I found this photo gallery that takes your images from your account.  You can chose from sets, keywords, etc.  Simple and easy to use for a website because being flash, it’s somewhat more protected than other forms of galleries plus it’s free, and really easy to use!



Fay Park on Bainbridge

I went on a drive to find a good place to snap some pictures today and found Fay Park on Bainbridge.  It’s a really nice area because it’s quiet there, you can see huge tankers floating by, fisherman on their boats and Seattle in the distance.  Here’s a few pictures I snapped.



Fay Park


Never really liked baseball…

But, seeing the picture of my little brother (5ys old) playing T ball…it’s hard not to enjoy it a little…haha.  here’s a couple picture my mom sent me.



So, it’s been a long time since I last updated.  I finished up the semester with a few pretty successful projects, none of which I’m going to share on here though.  I found out that Portland kinda sucks, especially when it’s raining!  So far I’m enjoying all of my classes.  I have some pretty cool projects…one of which is designing a coffee company logo.  Other are a video production that will be 3-5 min and a project for illustration.  For the illustration project, I’m debating between an airline poster, magazine adds or concepts for worlds fair posters…anyway.  Here are the coffee logs so far.  They aren’t the final onse although I’m pretty happy with them so far.


Any feedback is great…check back soon for more photos, updates and random stuff!  🙂

new coffee poster

I didn’t mind the first one but it didn’t really say coffee, and the print job on it kinda sucked.  Anyway, this is the one I came up with…for one it’s not pink…and I think it plays along with the metal look on the table tent and the crate feel on the boxes…also still keeps the upbeat feel.  Let me know what you think…poster_v4

Coffee Packaging

I finished my coffee packaging for my graphic design class and overall I am happy with it.  The only thing I was a little disappointed in was the poster when I got it printed, it cut close to the edge, but other than that I think this was a successful project.  Anyway, let me know what you think!








Trust Me.

So, I watched Trust Me last night on and really liked it.  If ya haven’t heard about it, it’s a show that takes place in an add agency…and being a graphic designer…it’s really fun to watch.  The guy from ED and the other guy from Will and Grace are both on it and they make the show really entertaining…

just thought I’d pass it on.